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Poetic Colors "a portrait for the blind" by Leland Bedford

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Poetic Colors “a portrait for the blind” is testimony to sight in the face of darkness, and will shine a light on all that has been hidden by the lie from what is truth, which is our eternal hope; it brings clarity and perspective to colors of the World, which it has known and seen since the beginning of time, yet may have never truly been understood because of the absence of clarity which brings truth. The World is filled with beauty, it is like a gift from God for us all to have through time, and with that gift purpose and promise comes that all must seek understanding, and learn what has been given to see and feel, like the place of love it has come from; whether blind or with sight, within the pages of Poetic Colors “a portrait for the blind” knowledge and wisdom can be seen and all that was clouded by space and time, like a alien to the people of God that we are will be seen as clear as the day and the bright blue sky that sits high above us all. To all that are faithful lovers of truth, and when it is told Poetic Colors “a portrait for the blind” will be like their gift and fill the void of its absence, and replace the lie that is in its place with beautiful inspiration and words of faith and promise that reveal the light behind the darkness and open up the eyes that may have never seen what was truly their.


Let the all colors within this book be like a portrait painted with words of truth and wisdom that reflect eternity and that bring all that may read closer to the Father closer to the Son closer to one another. Let each color that is in the World that is our Earth, our home as Human Beings help define your journey and be like a map to the destiny that is your fate, and within the pages of Poetic Colors “a portrait for the blind” all that may enter will be promised a predestined gift of truth, honesty, and sincerity that will give sight to the eyes that have been blind to all that has been given by the Lord for us to see, all that is like a gift to the World to be opened in time, throughout all of eternity.

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